NFL Betting

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An Introduction to NFL betting

Among betting sports, the NFL has been the most popular sport to wager on for quite a long time. While most of the wagers are placed once the season kicks off, NFL betting has become a year round event. Once a Super Bowl ends in early February, bookmakers promptly post the odds on the next NFL title game. This gives sports bettors and fans plenty to think about in the offseason.

While the top teams from the previous year will often be among the favorites to win the Super Bowl, sports bettors can find some value in some clubs with better odds. For example, roughly half of the teams who made the playoffs the previous season, will not the following season. This trend has been active for 16 straight seasons.
In the spring and summer, there are some other forms of NFL betting that have become quite popular in recent years. While it might seem difficult to choose a Super Bowl champion among a field of 32 squads, the NFL bettor has some more specific options to choose from. The bettor can select from a group of just four teams to wager on the eight NFL division champions. There is also an option to bet on NFL Teams Over-Under Season Wins for the upcoming season. This gives fans and bettors a specific idea of just how good or bad an NFL team might be months before the season begins.
These over/under sports bets have gained a strong following in recent years. There are even some wagering options related to the NFL Draft. Still, the NFL gambling action really takes off when the regular season gets underway in September.

The Flow of the NFL Betting Season

NFL bettors fall into a weekly routine once the regular season begins. During the week, bettors do their homework. On Sunday, the final NFL betting odds exams take place. First, there are the early games that begin at 1 PM Eastern time. Then, there are the late afternoon games at 4:15. Finally, there is the marquee Sunday night game. For over nine hours, fans and bettors are wrapped up in all of the action, wondering if their Wunderdog NFL Picks will cash in.
NFL betting goes far beyond the standard straight and total wagers on the contests. Bettors can wager on quarters and halves in the games. There are prop wagers available as well. This enables the bettor to place wagers on some of the specific players in the game. Some NFL sports-books even allow bettors to wager on specific plays during the course of an NFL game. These NFL live betting options have been growing in popularity in the last few years.
After a marathon of NFL action on Sunday, bettors have one last chance to cash in for the week on Monday night. Once the regular season ends, the playoffs get underway. The postseason concludes with the single biggest one day betting event in all of sports. Millions of fans and bettors from across the globe watch and bet on the Super Bowl. NFL betting appears poised to dominate the sports wagering world for many years to come.