NFL Consensus Picks: Follow or Fade NFL Public Bets?

The betting public is commonly used as a first step in weekly research to help bettors decide which NFL teams to bet on. Betting on the NFL can take on many different narratives or approaches to handicapping. Find out what works best for you. Knowing where the public is leaning each with their NFL Consensus picks is good first step.



Game Line Date Away Picks Home Picks Consensus
DAL @ DET -7 +7 Sun. Nov 17 1:00 pm ET DAL 66% DET 34% DAL DAL - 0.66
KC @ LAC -3.5 +3.5 Mon. Nov 18 8:15 pm ET KC 65% LAC 35% KC KC - 0.65
CIN @ OAK +11.5 -11.5 Sun. Nov 17 4:25 pm ET CIN 36% OAK 64% OAK OAK - 0.64
NE @ PHI -3.5 +3.5 Sun. Nov 17 4:25 pm ET NE 63% PHI 37% NE NE - 0.63
NO @ TB -5.5 +5.5 Sun. Nov 17 1:00 pm ET NO 62% TB 38% NO NO - 0.62
DEN @ MIN +10.5 -10.5 Sun. Nov 17 1:00 pm ET DEN 40% MIN 60% MIN No Consensus
ARI @ SF +10 -10 Sun. Nov 17 4:05 pm ET ARI 60% SF 40% SF No Consensus
NYJ @ WAS +2.5 -2.5 Sun. Nov 17 1:00 pm ET NYJ 60% WAS 40% WAS No Consensus
HOU @ BAL +5 -5 Sun. Nov 17 1:00 pm ET HOU 42% BAL 58% BAL No Consensus
ATL @ CAR +5.5 -5.5 Sun. Nov 17 1:00 pm ET ATL 42% CAR 58% CAR No Consensus
CHI @ LAR +6.5 -6.5 Sun. Nov 17 8:20 pm ET CHI 44% LAR 56% LAR No Consensus
BUF @ MIA -6.5 +6.5 Sun. Nov 17 1:00 pm ET BUF 54% MIA 46% MIA No Consensus
JAC @ IND +3 -3 Sun. Nov 17 1:00 pm ET JAC 50% IND 50% IND No Consensus
@ 0% 0% 0% No Consensus
@ 0% 0% 0% No Consensus
Game Line Date Away Picks Home Picks Consensus


NFL public betting information gives you a peek into activity at Legal sports betting sites in the U.S. Which NFL teams are seeing heavy betting action? Are certain favorites or underdogs seeing more action? Your answers are found here each week of the NFL betting season though the Super Bowl.

What does the NFL Consensus Mean?

The consensus is the number of bets placed on a specific team or its opponent. These numbers can take on different names. NFL Consensus Picks, NFL betting percentages or trends or simply NFL Public Bets. Overall, no matter what you call them, they give a clear picture of what the NFL action is at sportsbooks.

A second factor in looking at NFL consensus numbers is the impact from line movement. Did a certain shift in the betting line add more action to one side of an NFL match-up? This is crucial info when making your weekly NFL picks.


Bet With Or Against The Public?

We have all heard the saying “Bet against the Public”. The reality is that you can follow or fade the public bets and still end up with the same winning percentage. Consensus picks or betting percentages are simply a tool to point you in the right direction. If you are looking to consolidate your NFL betting research, taking the smaller pool of games that fall into a consensus (60% or more), can certainly simplify your approach.

A great example from NFL week 1 of the 2019 season provides a perfect snapshot of how betting with the public or fading the public impacts your approach. The KC Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns were top consensus picks. The Chiefs and Ravens covered with ease, while the Browns were destroyed by the Titans. The late afternoon games saw the road underdog NY Giants receive public love and were blown out by the Cowboys. Our free picks page covers this info each week of the NFL season.