Another big change in the NFL Betting Futures market are the division winners. Early in the season, every team has a very similar record with just a few games worth of a sample size. But, this week was even more notable for a few divisions. Let’s look at the movement since last week.


Notable Division Winner Odds Movements

Team Pre-Week 6 Current
AFC North
BAL Ravens -155 -195
CLE Browns 140 350
PIT Steelers 1200 350
CIN Bengals 10000 12500
NFC North
GB Packers 120 -120
MIN Vikings 260 250
CHI Bears 260 400
DET Lions 900 1100
NFC West
SF 49ers 165 110
SEA Seahawks 225 165
LA Rams 140 300
ARI Cardinals 12500 10000


In the AFC North, the Steelers have jumped massively back into the fold, going from +1200 to win the division to now just +350. The Browns moved from +140 to +350, given their horrendous play so far this season. The leader at the top in the Ravens moved even further from the pack at -195, but it is far closer than you might imagine after the Steelers winning two straight and the Browns struggling. Both the Browns and Steelers have a bye in Week 7, and the Ravens have a tough one against the 5-1 Seattle Seahawks


The NFC North may have been the most affected, and one could argue that in Week 6 of the NFL season, the refs changed the outcome of the futures market for Week 7 too. In a much-discussed finish between the Lions and Packers on Monday Night Football, the general consensus is the Lions “should” have won. Now, they stand in last place rather than first place in the NFC North. For the time being, the Packers are -120 from +120, the Vikings are +250, Bears are at +400, and the Lions fell to +1100. One could only imagine how these odds would look after a correct call (or set of calls).

As for the NFC West, the San Francisco 49ers look like the class of the NFC through six weeks and DraftKings Sportsbook has them at +110 to win the division. This is a competitive division though, with the 5-1 Seahawks at +165 to win, and the Los Angeles Rams at +300. The Rams are not as talented as last season, but they still have some key pieces on both sides of the football. The NFC West odds will be a key set to watch, as the 49ers get Washington this week while the Rams travel to Atlanta and the Seahawks take on the Ravens, both potential losses.


Notable Super Bowl Odds Movement
  Pre-Week 6 Current
Patriots 300 260
Chiefs 600 900
Eagles 1200 1700
Seahawks 2500 1800
Cowboys 1600 2000