NFL Lines

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The holy grail of betting is being able to beat NFL lines on a weekly basis. This is known as one of the tougher tasks in the sports gambling world, but we have all of the tips that you need to know about how to beat the NFL lines.

Our first tip is to remember that there is more than one way to skin a cat in NFL betting on the NFL lines. You’ve got so many different types of NFL lines on a weekly basis, not just a point spread and a ‘total’ as most are commonly involved with. In fact, the argument could be made that it is much tougher to play on the side and the ‘total’ than most of the other aspects that are available on the NFL lines.

The moneyline is an underused aspect of the NFL lines. Often times, betting on underdogs is the better way to go about this, though it takes a lot to stomach playing on big time underdogs, and it takes a lot of patience to lose a lot of bets. Remember that double-digit underdogs are often +400, meaning you only have to win a tad over 20 percent of your bets to be able to ultimately be a winner on the NFL lines.

All too often, square bettors, those who generally aren’t considered amongst the ones who know what they are doing and are often losers, play nothing but favorites on the NFL lines, and that’s why we know that betting on underdogs is generally worthwhile, though it takes a lot to be able to find winners often enough to do better than break even.

However, that’s not the end of it either. There are so many other ways to bet the NFL lines, it isn’t even funny.

Teasers are underused for sure, and that’s a way to take the NFL lines and use the sharpness of the oddsmakers against them. The closer the oddsmakers are to nailing the NFL lines, the more likely you are to nail your teaser. Teasers are a bit tough, knowing that you have to win at least 72 percent of your sides on a six-point teaser to prove to be a long-term winner. However, over 70 percent of all NFL games finish within seven points of the spread one way or the other, and that creates a ton of opportunities for bettors. In truth, the sharper that the oddsmakers get over the years, the more and more valuable teasers become.

We know that props are also often a good way to take advantage of the books and beat NFL lines. Going from sportsbook to sportsbook, you’ll find different lines on different props, especially for games like Monday Night Football that are standalone games on the docket. You have to remember that you are going to pay a steep price for those props, but you’ll know just as much as the oddsmakers when it comes to those props, perhaps has high as -125 as a base. Whether you want to say that Peyton Manning is going to have fewer than three touchdown passes or whether you believe that Jordy Nelson is going to have more than five receptions, you have all of the power in your hands and tons of options on the NFL lines.