The New York Football Giants have a quarterback! It sounds odd to say, when Eli Manning is still technically “playing”, but he has not been a successful NFL quarterback in quite some time. Rookie QB Daniel Jones has taken the Giants by storm, and to two straight wins. Say it with me: “Daniel Jones has not lost a start in the NFL”. Sounds good, does it not?

Giants fans are in for a treat over the next decade. But in the present, bettors have some things to think about as well. With the Giants winning two straight and being one game out of first in the NFC East, the NY Giants Super Bowl odds have changed drastically.


NY Giants Super Bowl Odds and Movement

Week 1 Odds Week 2 Odds Week 3 Odds Week 4 Odds Week 5 Odds
+8000 +15000 +15000 +8000 +6500


Before Week 1, the Giants were +8000 odds to win the Super Bowl. There were only five teams with worse odds. That was mostly due to Eli Manning being the starting quarterback, and the Giants not having a terrific roster around him. The Giants were destined for another top pick, and most Giants fans were fine with that. Build for the long run, and grow slowly. The Giants lost Week 1 to the Dallas Cowboys 35-17, and their odds then fell to +10000 to win the Super Bowl. Week 2 was just as bad, losing 28-14 to the Buffalo Bills. Again, +10000 to win the Super Bowl.

Then, things changed a bit. After two games, Eli Manning was benched for Daniel Jones and the Giants have won two straight. The buzz has started in New York and even after losing Saquon Barkley, the odds moved to +8000 after Week 3’s game. That was before the Giants handily beat the Redskins 24-3.  


Current Odds To Win Super Bowl 54

As of Monday morning, DraftKings Sportsbook has the Giants as +6600 to win the Super Bowl. Their odds have moved again, this time in favor of the Giants. Keep in mind, this is without Saquon Barkley for the next month. FanDuel Sportsbook has the Giants at +6500 to win the Super Bowl, slightly better odds than on DraftKings. As you know, if you want to place a bet on the Giants to win the Super Bowl, be sure to do so on DraftKings with these prices, as the payout is better. So as it stands after four games, the Giants have gone from +8000 to +10000, then Manning got benched. Two straight wins and now here we are at +6600 and +6500, respectively. Quarterbacks change everything. Daniel Jones has changed everything.  


Giants Upcoming Schedule

Now, this is where things get tricky. Yes, the Giants’ odds have increased in their favor. But, betting futures is all about getting the best price at the best time. In Week 5, the Giants host the Minnesota Vikings. Yes, the Vikings have struggled but that is a tough team. Expect Minnesota to be favored, and the Giants could lose this game. If so, expect their odds to drop a bit. That means next week you could get them at better odds (if you chose to bet on them to win the Super Bowl).

In Week 6, the Giants play the Patriots. In New England. This is likely a loss, given Bill Belichick’s track record at home and against rookie quarterbacks. The odds would likely drop after this game as well. So, should you bet the Giants now at +6600 and +6500? Your call, but expect their odds to drop a bit in the next few weeks after tough match-ups against the Vikings and Patriots. After Week 6, the Giants are back home against the Cardinals, then face the Lions, Cowboys, and Jets before their bye week in Week 11.