Odds To Win NBA Finals 2018: Cavs vs. Warriors Part lV


Odds To Win NBA Title 2018

(odds updated 5/29/18) – USE FREE $250 BET TODAY!

– Golden State Warriors -900

– Cleveland Cavaliers +550


Previous NBA Champions

2017 GS Warriors 4-1 Cleveland Cavs
2016 Cleveland Cavs 4-3 GS Warriors
2015 GS Warriors 4-2 Cleveland Cavs
2014 San Antonio Spurs 4-1 Miami Heat
2013 Miami Heat 4-3 San Antonio Spurs
2012 Miami Heat 4-1 Oklahoma City Thunder
2011 Dallas Mavericks 4-2 Miami Heat
2010 Los Angeles Lakers 4-3 Boston Celtics
2009 Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Orlando Magic
2008 Boston Celtics 4-2 Los Angeles Lakers
2007 San Antonio Spurs 4-0 Cleveland Cavaliers
2006 Miami Heat 4-2 Dallas Mavericks
2005 San Antonio Spurs 4-3 Detroit Pistons
2004 Detroit Pistons 4-1 Los Angeles Lakers
2003 San Antonio Spurs 4-2 New Jersey Nets
2002 Los Angeles Lakers 4-0 New Jersey Nets
2001 Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Philadelphia 76ers
2000 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Indiana Pacers
1999 San Antonio Spurs 4-1 New York Knicks
1998 Chicago Bulls 4-2 Utah Jazz
1997 Chicago Bulls 4-2 Utah Jazz
1996 Chicago Bulls 4-2 Seattle SuperSonics
1995 Houston Rockets 4-0 Orlando Magic
1994 Houston Rockets 4-3 New York Knicks
1993 Chicago Bulls 4-2 Phoenix Suns
1992 Chicago Bulls 4-2 Portland Trail Blazers
1991 Chicago Bulls 4-1 Los Angeles Lakers
1990 Detroit Pistons 4-1 Portland Trail Blazers
1989 Detroit Pistons 4-0 Los Angeles Lakers
1988 Los Angeles Lakers 4-3 Detroit Pistons
1987 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Boston Celtics
1986 Boston Celtics 4-2 Houston Rockets
1985 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Boston Celtics
1984 Boston Celtics 4-3 Los Angeles Lakers
1983 Philadelphia 76ers 4-0 Los Angeles Lakers
1982 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Philadelphia 76ers
1981 Boston Celtics 4-2 Houston Rockets
1980 Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Philadelphia 76ers
1979 Seattle SuperSonics 4-1 Washington Bullets
1978 Washington Bullets 4-3 Seattle SuperSonics
1977 Portland Trail Blazers 4-2 Philadelphia 76ers
1976 Boston Celtics 4-2 Phoenix Suns
1975 Golden State Warriors 4-0 Washington Bullets
1974 Boston Celtics 4-3 Milwaukee Bucks
1973 New York Knicks 4-1 Los Angeles Lakers
1972 Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 New York Knicks
1971 Milwaukee Bucks 4-0 Baltimore Bullets
1970 New York Knicks 4-3 Los Angeles Lakers
1969 Boston Celtics 4-3 Los Angeles Lakers
1968 Boston Celtics 4-2 Los Angeles Lakers
1967 Philadelphia 76ers 4-2 San Francisco Warriors
1966 Boston Celtics 4-3 Los Angeles Lakers
1965 Boston Celtics 4-1 Los Angeles Lakers
1964 Boston Celtics 4-1 San Francisco Warriors
1963 Boston Celtics 4-2 Los Angeles Lakers
1962 Boston Celtics 4-3 Los Angeles Lakers
1961 Boston Celtics 4-1 St. Louis Hawks
1960 Boston Celtics 4-3 St. Louis Hawks
1959 Boston Celtics 4-0 Minneapolis Lakers
1958 St. Louis Hawks 4-2 Boston Celtics
1957 Boston Celtics 4-3 St. Louis Hawks
1956 Philadelphia Warriors 4-1 Fort Wayne Pistons
1955 Syracuse Nationals 4-3 Fort Wayne Pistons
1954 Minneapolis Lakers 4-3 Syracuse Nationals
1953 Minneapolis Lakers 4-1 New York Knicks
1952 Minneapolis Lakers 4-3 New York Knicks
1951 Rochester Royals 4-3 New York Knicks
1950 Minneapolis Lakers 4-2 Syracuse Nationals
1949 Minneapolis Lakers 4-2 Washington Capitols
1948 Baltimore Bullets 4-2 Philadelphia Warriors
1947 Philadelphia Warriors 4-1 Chicago Stags

==================== PREVIOUS UPDATE==============
The 2013-2014 NBA betting season is just about set to begin, and everyone is going to be chasing the Miami Heat, the 2 to 1 favorites to win it all. Miami has great value as always, but today, we’re looking at some of the other teams that have a shot to challenge for the 2013-14 NBA Championship.

Chicago Bulls +800 – The Bulls have a fully healthy G Derrick Rose back, and he finally looks like the man that was supposed to help this team last season. Head Coach Tom Thibodeau continues to have a strong team defensively to put around Rose, though it is a wonder whether the rest of the guard play on this team is really good enough. We know that C Joakim Noah and the likes have given the Heat fits in the past, and in a seven-game series, we could very easily see Rose take over and at least give the Bulls a shot at springing the upset.

San Antonio Spurs +1250 – Many think that the window of opportunity is closing on the Spurs, but we’re not all that sure. It wasn’t an accident that this team got to the NBA Finals last year, though the road did open up quite a bit when G Russell Westbrook got hurt for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Southwest Division is tougher this year with the Houston Rockets adding C Dwight Howard, but that doesn’t mean that the old guard doesn’t have another push in it. The cast of characters you’re used to seeing are all back, and there aren’t many coaches like Gregg Popovich that can keep it all together.

Golden State Warriors +2300 – The Warriors didn’t land any tremendous free agents this year as they were hoping for, but they can flat out score. G Andre Iguodala brings a defensive presence to this backcourt that Head Coach Mark Jackson has been direly searching for, and putting him with G Klay Thompson and G Stephen Curry makes this a nasty unit. The 1-6 unit that Golden State can put together is as good as any in the Western Conference, and with Curry healthy and not coming off of offseason surgery for the first time in his career, hopes are high in Oakland that this is the season that things really come together.

Cleveland Cavaliers +12000 – We’re just talking about getting some good value here with the Cavs. The team underachieved last season with just 24 wins, and as a result, it ended up with the #1 pick in the NBA Draft. Taking F Anthony Bennett with that pick was a shock in and of itself, but he might fit in just fine off the bench. This team will go as far as G Kyrie Irving takes it. Remember that so much of the Eastern Conference has just fallen apart this year, as there is no real motivation for teams like the Philadelphia 76ers or the Orlando Magic to win games. Someone is going to have to steal playoff spots, and the Cavs might have what it takes to do just that.