Super Bowl Odds
Everyone loves to bet on football. Everyone. Basically, if you have bet, wanted to bet, or are betting, it’s likely you have bet on the Super Bowl.

Luckily, we do not have to wait until the Super Bowl to bet on who will win, as the NFL 2020 Super Bowl Winner futures on DraftKings Sportsbook have been, and will be a popular betting market during the NFL season.

One of the more important trends to track is the movement of the Super Bowl odds. This will change with injury, player transactions, and play. Before the start of the season, we see a drastic change in the odds if something happens. For example, Ezekiel Elliott holding out, a player getting hurt, so on and so forth.

Let’s take a look at how the odds have moved on DraftKings Sportsbook so far for the 2019-2020 NFL season.

DraftKings Super Bowl Odds Movement

TeamOpening OddsCurrent Odds
Colts+1400+3000 (Luck retires)

Super Bowl Odds Movement 2020

The leader right now is the New England Patriots (surprise, surprise) at +700, moving from +750. Not a vast change in movement, but the opening odds had four teams tied at +750 (Chiefs, Rams, Saints) with the Pats.

Super Bowl Odds On The Rise

Oakland Raiders

Opened at +12500, now at +8000

This was essentially solely related to the Antonio Brown trade, and +8000 still isn’t necessarily a threat.

Carolina Panthers

Opened at +6600, now at +5000.

This is directly related to the health of former MVP QB Cam Newton, who at first was not going to be ready for the regular season. He is getting healthier, and the odds have reflected.

Cleveland Browns

Opened at +2000, now at +1600

Some places had the Browns as low as +1400 this offseason. The buzz in Cleveland is real after the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. and others.

Philadelphia Eagles

Opened at +1600, now at +1300.

No real addition changed this movement, as much as the confidence that Carson Wentz is healthier than he’s been in the last year. Eagles bettors are confident.

Other risers: Broncos from +7500 to +6600 (Flacco), Jets +7500 to +6600 (Bell)

Super Bowl Odds Dropping

Baltimore Ravens

Opened at +2200, now +3300

The Ravens lost quite a few bodies in free agency, and bettors do not have much confidence in Lamar Jackson as a Super Bowl winning quarterback, it seems.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Opened at +4000, now +7500

Bruce Arians is the new coach, but the Bucs haven’t shored up a poor offensive line and Jameis Winston has not proven to be consistent in the NFL, yet. Losing Gerald McCoy hurt. +7500 may be a bit harsh, but time will tell.

New York Giants

Opened at +4000, now +8000

Local bettors (New Jersey) likely put money on the hometown Giants in the offseason, so the books were protecting themselves a bit.
Also, they traded some wide receiver named Odell Beckham Jr to the Browns and drafted Daniel Jones in the first, despite keeping Eli Manning.

Minnesota Vikings

Opened at +2200, now +2800

Not as drastic of a move, but down 600 points is significant for one of the competitors for the NFC crown this season.

Bettors don’t seem to love the Kubiak move and Kirk Cousins, but the Vikings still have quite the talented ball club with a healthy Dalvin Cook.

Other fallers: Cardinals, Redskins (both +10000 to +12500, Bengals (+12500 to +15000)

Teams to Watch


Melvin Gordon is a big piece of their offense, and even though the Chargers have capable backups in Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson, it will likely affect the Chargers’ odds one way or the other if Gordon plays (or not).


The Cowboys just announced an extension, but it wasn’t for Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, or Dak Prescott. The contract statuses of all three could cause odds to shift, especially Elliott, given his current status.
In addition, Cooper is playing through injury which had hindered him in the past.
Preseason Injuries will happen, keep an eye on who as that will cause the market to shift.

Keep an eye on the odds movement, especially if you plan to bet on the Super Bowl futures, get the best price on DraftKings Sportsbook!