No matter where you fall in the political spectrum, it is assumed that the 2020 USA Presidential Election will be a “nail biter”. The latest odds to win the 2016 Presidential election are listed below, along with some very sexy pics of NBC News vixen Megyn Kelly.

This post was originally published way back in 2012 when Megyn was with Fox News. Much has happened since then, but Megyn still looks damn good! Unfortunately, her new colleagues at NBC seem to dislike the sexy blonde. Chances are Megyn Kelley is staying put at NBC for quite some time due to her massive contract.
Now if only we could get her to show off the good like SE Cupp, them maybe her ratings will finally pick up!


Donald Trump +300
Elizabeth Warren +800
Bernie Sanders +1000
Oprah Winfrey +1000
Kamala Harris +1000
Mike Pence +1200
Kirsten Gillibrand +1800
Joe Biden +1800
Michelle Obama +2000
Mark Zuckerberg +2500
Cory Booker +2500
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson +3000
Hillary Clinton +3600
Paul Ryan +4000
Andrew Cuomo +5000
Amy Klobuchar +5000
Michael Bloomberg +5000
Nikki Haley +5000
Mark Cuban +5000
John Kasich +5000
Sherrod Brown +6000
Julian Castro +6000
Rand Paul +6000
Tulsi Gabbard +6600
Marco Rubio +6600
Mitt Romney +6600
Tim Kaine +7000
John Hickenlooper +7500
Ted Cruz +10000
Jeb Bush +10000
Martin O’Malley +10000
Tammy Duckworth +10000
George Clooney +10000
Adam Schiff +10000
Trey Gowdy +10000
Chelsea Clinton +15000
Ivanka Trump +15000