Sports Betting Experts

Who is the best sports betting expert? Which sports handicapper is the best? All of these questions can easily be answered by checking out the rankings and records for the top sports betting experts on sports betting experts records for the past 7 days, 30 days and 60 days are displayed below.

Rank Service Profit ROI Pct WL
1 Johnny Banks$1,113+9.0%59.8%55-37
2 Andre Ramirez$1,097+31.0%76.0%19-6
3 Big Al McMordie$1,004+32.8%69.6%16-7
4 Ben Burns$986+29.1%72.0%18-7
5 Brad Diamond$780+28.8%68.2%15-7
6 Scott Rickenbach$661+29.5%65.0%13-7
7 Ray Monohan$652+27.8%70.6%12-5
8 Dave Price$593+55.1%87.5%7-1
9 John Martin$569+16.0%56.7%17-13
10 Rocky Atkinson$500+78.5%100.0%5-0
Rank Service Units ROI Pct WL
1 Scott Rickenbach$1,922+20.6%61.5%51-32
2 Ben Burns$1,708+12.8%63.9%62-35
3 Johnny Banks$1,578+3.6%56.4%186-144
4 John Martin$1,318+9.0%52.4%66-60
5 Andre Ramirez$1,280+7.9%60.9%70-45
6 Jimmy Boyd$1,235+10.3%54.9%56-46
7 Rocky's Lock Club$1,036+40.2%79.0%15-4
8 Brad Diamond$804+7.5%58.8%50-35
9 Teddy Davis$803+14.5%60.9%28-18
10 Carolina Sports$785+8.3%56.2%45-35
Rank Service Units ROI Pct WL
1 Johnny Banks$4,447+5.5%57.0%356-269
2 Scott Rickenbach$3,506+15.9%59.0%115-80
3 Ben Burns$3,111+10.6%62.3%134-81
4 Brandon Lee$2,753+19.0%63.1%77-45
5 Chip Chirimbes$2,738+9.6%57.4%139-103
6 Carolina Sports$2,293+11.1%56.8%100-76
7 Andre Ramirez$1,975+5.3%58.1%154-111
8 Alex Smart$1,398+4.3%53.2%150-132
9 Trev Rogers$1,115+9.2%58.6%58-41
10 Johnny Wynn$1,062+5.7%54.2%84-71

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