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Sports Betting Growth

How popular is the NFL? The 2010 Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts became the most-watched television event in the history of the United States. Over 100 million Americans watched the game. While the majority of viewers may not have a wager on the game, millions of others did. As the popularity of the NFL betting continues to grow, there will be more fans that will become involved in the betting aspects of the sport.

There are some general sports betting tips that novice bettors should be aware of. Sports betting lines, sports betting forums, and sports betting online sites are some important topics for the NFL bettor to understand before diving in.

Sports Betting Lines

The sports betting line is usually a point spread for a game between two teams. Football and basketball are the two most common events for these types of sports betting lines. The NFL point spread is an equalizer of sorts. In a typical pro football game, there will be in the neighborhood of 40 total points that will be scored in a game. With a sports betting line that features a point spread, the bookmaker can draw a lot more action on an NFL game. Because of the scoring amounts in an NFL game and the difference in the quality of teams, the money line odds for many NFL games are steep in comparison to lower scoring sports, like baseball and hockey. So, the most common NFL wagers are on point spread bets that require the bettor to lay only 5-10% (vigorish/juice) on each wager regardless of the side that is chosen.

Sports Betting Online

The sports betting online industry is continuing to grow and prosper as a new decade begins. The bettor has dozens of viable online sports books to choose from. While sports betting online can seem a little challenging and complex for a novice bettor, the process is actually quite simple. With some standard research, the bettor can quickly find credible online sports books to choose from. Most of these books feature numerous odds and props for NFL games and futures. Hardcore NFL fans looking to get involved in wagering on the sport can go well beyond just a simple point spread bet. The sports betting lines that are featured online are vast and numerous. The fan can bet on how his favorite NFL player will do in a particular game among other things.

Sports Betting Forums

Many novice bettors want to know what the sharp and savvy players think about an upcoming NFL game. Sports betting forums are a great way for the new sports bettor to better understand the process of sports wagering. In these sports betting forums, there are plenty of valuable NFL line is analyzed and dissected from the perspective of sharp bettors. These discussions are usually a lot more valuable to the bettor than the standard breakdowns on TV from former NFL players and coaches.