Super Bowl Odds 2020

Kansas City Chiefs+700
New England Patriots+700
Los Angeles Rams+800
New Orleans Saints+900
Los Angeles Chargers+1400
Chicago Bears+1400
Cleveland Browns+1400
Philadelphia Eagles+1600
Indianapolis Colts+1600
Green Bay Packers+1800
Minnesota Vikings+2000
Pittsburgh Steelers+2000
Dallas Cowboys+2000
Houston Texans+2800
Baltimore Ravens+2800
San Francisco 49ers+3000
Atlanta Falcons+3000
Seattle Seahawks+3000
Jacksonville Jaguars+3300
Carolina Panthers+5000
Tennessee Titans+5000
New York Jets+6000
Oakland Raiders+6000
New York Giants+6100
Denver Broncos+6600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600
Buffalo Bills+10000
Cincinnati Bengals+10000
Detroit Lions+10000
Washington Redskins+10000
Arizona Cardinals+12500
Miami Dolphins+12500

Super Bowl Coin Toss Results History

One of the most popular Super Bowl Prop Bets is the coin toss. Quite frankly, it’s extremely popular due to a quick payout potential and the simplicity of the bet. It is fun to see the history of the Super Bowl coin results. Recently heads hit 5 years in a row, followed by a 4 year on tails winning the toss. The coin toss result for the last Super Bowl between the Eagles vs. Patriots landed on heads.

wdt_ID Super Bowl Date Heads/Tails Toss Winner Toss Loser
1 LIl Heads New England Philadelphia
2 LI Tails Atlanta New England
3 50 Tails Carolina Denver
4 XLIX Tails Seattle New England
5 XLVIII Tails Seattle Denver
6 XLVII Heads Baltimore San Francisco
7 XLVI Heads New England N.Y. Giants
8 XLV Heads Green Bay Pittsburgh
9 XLIV Heads New Orleans Indianapolis
10 XLIII Heads Arizona Pittsburgh
Super Bowl Date Heads/Tails Toss Winner Toss Loser

Historical Super Bowl Point Spreads Results

How many favorites or underdogs have covered the spread in Super Bowl History? Millions of Americans bet on the Super Bowl each year. For the first time ever, they will be able to place a legal bet on the big game outside of Las Vegas. 9 states in the U.S. now have regulated sports betting within their borders. They include Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, West Virginia, Washington D.C.

Many of the new sports bettors will be placing a bet on the 2019 Super Bowl matchup. Our table below displays every point spread and over-under total betting line for each Super Bowl. The winning result is included as well.

wdt_ID Super Bowl Year Location Matchup Line (Total) Score ATS Result
1 LII 2018 Minneapolis, MN Philadelphia vs. New England New England -4 (49) Philadelphia 41 New England 33 Underdog-Over
2 LI 2017 Houston, TX Atlanta vs. New Enland New England -3 (57) New England 34 Atlanta 28 (OT) Favorite-Over
3 L 2016 Santa Clara, CA Carolina vs. Denver Carolina -5 (43.5) Denver 24 Carolina 10 Underdog-Under
4 XLIX 2015 Glendale, AZ Seattle vs. New England Pick 'em (47.5) New England 28 Seattle 24 Patriots - Over
5 XLVIIl 2014 East Rutherford,New Jersey Seattle vs Denver Denver -2 (47) Seattle 43 Denver 8 Underdog-Over
6 XLVII 2013 New Orleans, LA SF vs. Baltimore San Francisco -4.5 (48) Baltimore 34 San Francisco 31 Underdog-Over
7 XLVI 2012 Indianapolis, IN NY Giants vs. New England New England -2.5 (53) N.Y. Giants 21 New England 17 Underdog-Under
8 XLV 2011 Arlington, TX Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh Green Bay -3 (45) Green Bay 31 Pittsburgh 25 Favorite-Over
9 XLIV 2010 Miami, FL New Orleans vs. Indianapolis Indianapolis -5 (57) New Orleans 31 Indianapolis 17 Underdog-Under
10 XLIII 2009 Tampa, FL Pittsburgh vs. Arizona Pittsburgh -7 (46) Pittsburgh 27 Arizona 23 Underdog-Over
Super Bowl Year Location Matchup Line (Total) Score ATS Result

FanDuel Super Bowl Odds

With legalized sports betting exploding throughout the United States, it is time for us to begin covering Super Bowl Odds from NJ Sportsbooks like FanDuel, DraftKings, and SugarHouse. Nine states have now legalized sports betting: Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, Rhode Island, PA Sports Betting, New Mexico, West Virginia, Washington D.C.

Legal online sportsbooks and mobile betting apps have only been launched in NJ and West Virginia so far. That will be changing very soon as Pennsylvania will be launching their online sports betting options very soon. Super Bowl betting activity could be absolutely enormous next year when PA, NJ, NY, MA, DE, and almost every other east coast state has legal sports betting.