There are 2 records for each team in the NFL that matter to people. The first is your basic wins and loss record. The second, is the ATS record. ATS means against the spread, and it’s a way to track a team’s record against the NFL betting line. Remember the old adage, “Good teams win, great teams cover”.

What does this mean? For example, if the 49ers are favored by seven points and win by four points, they are 1-0 SU (straight up), but 0-1 ATS (against the spread).

One important note to keep in mind as we head towards the back half of the 2019 NFL season. Most Super Bowl Favorites have a winning record against the spread.

Let’s take a look at the latest NFL ATS Standings based on the final betting lines at DraftKings Sportsbook:



TeamSU RecordATS Record

Treating Bettors Well


Detroit Lions

The Lions are 2-2-1 this season, but 4-1 against the spread. There are a few explanations for this. The Lions have two losses, to the Chiefs and the Packers. In both games, they were underdogs. In addition, both were decided by 4 or less points. The Chiefs prevailed 34-30, and the Packers won 23-22 in a very controversial finish in Green Bay. The Lions are one of the better ATS teams so far this season, so do not let the 2-2-1 record fool you.

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona is 2-3-1 this season, but are 4-2 against the spread. Now, the Cardinals have been and rarely will be favored this season with a rookie QB, a first-year head coach, and a full roster turnover expected in the next year or so finishing Kliff Kingsbury’s process. With that being said, the Cardinals lost to the Ravens by six, and tied the Lions (a win ATS), which makes four covers given their two wins.

The only two games Arizona did not cover was a 38-20 loss to the Panthers and a 27-10 loss to the Seahawks in back-to-back weeks. With the Cardinals’ offense starting to click…expect more covers than not for the rest of this season.

Ready To Make A Move Up or Down?


Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has a record of 5-1, but is only 3-3 against the spread. It’s been this way for awhile with the Seahawks, as Russell Wilson always seems to pull off close wins.

Week 1 – 21-20 win over the Bengals
Week 2 – 28-26 win over the Steelers
Week 3 – 33-27 loss to the Saints
Week 4 – 27-10 win over the Cardinals
Week 5 – 30-29 win over the Rams
Week 6 – 32-28 win over the Browns

All but one game has been close, which clearly explains the 5-1 record but only 3-3 against the spread. The Seahawks have the Ravens, Falcons, Bucs, 49ers, Eagles, Vikings, Rams, and Panthers over the next two months…all could be very tough games. We could see a team finish with 9/10 wins, but have a poor record ATS. Remember this when betting Seattle games.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are woeful with a record of 0-6, but they are 3-3 against the spread. It is worth noting that of their three losses, they have covered:

Week 1 – 21-20 loss against the Seahawks
Week 3 – 21-17 loss to the Bills
Week 6 – 23-17 loss to the Ravens

The Bengals have only been “blown out” twice, with a 41-17 loss to the 49ers and a 27-3 loss to the Steelers. Most of this is due to Cincy scoring in garbage time, so be sure to remember that when betting against the Bengals.

Baltimore Ravens 1-4-1 ATS

Baltimore has a 4-2 record this season, but are 1-4-1 against the spread, one of the worst in the NFL.

The only game the Ravens have covered was in Week 1, where they dismantled the Dolphins 59-10. Since that game:

Week 2 – 23-17 win over the Cardinals (BAL -13.5)
Week 3 – 33-28 loss to the Chiefs
Week 4 – 40-25 loss to the Browns
Week 5 – 26-23 win over the Steelers (BAL -3.5)
Week 6 – 23-17 win over the Bengals (BAL -11)

Are the Ravens not as good as their record says? We will see this week and after the bye, as Baltimore takes on the Seahawks in Seattle, then in Week 9 against the Patriots.