Latest World Series Odds 2019: Astros vs. Nationals Betting Line

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World Series Odds
The 2019 World Series Odds are set as the Houston Astros will face off against the very well rested Washington Nationals.  The Astros are heavy -235 favorites to win the World Series at DraftKings Sportsbook. The Nationals shocked the MLB betting world by beating the Dodgers and Cardinals. Can they do it again?


One note we mentioned back in JULY was bettors should have been paying attention 538’s World Series projections. They had the Nationals with the 7th best chance to win the World Series at that time. Most NJ online sportsbooks had the Nats at 30/1 odds to win the World Series at the All-star break. The Nats entered the playoffs at 18-1 odds win the World Series.


World Series Game 3: Astros vs. Nationals


Starting Pitche

Run Line

Total Runs

Money Line


Zack Greinke

-1.5 (+138)

O 7.5 (-115)



Anibal Sanchez

+1.5 (-162)

U 7.5 (-106)




Astros vs Nationals Odds To Win The World Series


Team to Win World Series







Odds To Win The World Series Tracker 2019


TeamOct. 24Oct. 23Sep. 258/17/16/14/13/11/1
Washington Nationals-2861001500300030006000120012001400
Houston Astros+235-118210200450400600600600
New York Yankees400600400500500600600
St. Louis Cardinals1800140012001200120012001000
Tampa Bay Rays2800250025001200250025002500
Los Angeles Dodgers275300300350700700600
Atlanta Braves70090012001600200018001200
Cleveland Indians3000300014001200160016001800
Minnesota Twins16001600700700250025008000
Oakland Athletics1800180020002000120012001200
Milwaukee Brewers2500200030006000100010001000
New York Mets10000400060008000400025002500
Chicago Cubs10000400025001200120012001800
Philadelphia Phillies10000300006000250025002500
Cincinnati Reds300018001400700700600
Arizona Diamondbacks500001000060008000800050000
San Diego Padres20000300000200000100002000010000
Colorado Rockies3000010000200008000800010000
Los Angeles Angels10000010000600010000800010000
Texas Rangers10000040006000250025003000
Chicago White Sox50000050001000010000010000020000
Pittsburgh Pirates200001000020000400040006000
San Francisco Giants50000020000200008000100008000
Seattle Mariners50000020000100002000080005000
Detroit Tigers20000001000003000001000010000050000
Toronto Blue Jays5000000100000050000010000010000050000
Boston Red Sox50000002000000500000200000200000100000
Kansas City Royals20000001000000500000100000100000100000
Miami Marlins5000000500000500000200000200000100000
Baltimore Orioles2000000500000300000300002000020000




Previous World Series Champions


1 2018 Boston Red Sox Los Angeles Dodgers 4-1
2 2017 Houston Astros Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3
3 2016 Chicago Cubs Cleveland Indians 4-3
4 2015 KC Royals New York Mets 4-1
5 2014 San Francisco Giants KC Royals 4-3
6 2013 Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals 4-2
7 2012 San Francisco Giants Detroit Tigers 4-0
8 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Texas Rangers 4-3
9 2010 San Francisco Giants Texas Rangers 4-1
10 2009 New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies 4-2




MLB World Series Betting


Although not as popular as individual game betting, MLB futures wagers do have their place in the legal sports betting community. In Major League Baseball, World Series betting futures draws a variety of players to the betting window on a yearly basis. Not nearly as much as Super Bowl odds, but the betting handle has been growing each year.


Shortly after one World Series ends, online bookmakers must promptly be ready for the next World Series in the following year. The defending champion is almost always among the early favorites. The “hot stove” action in the off-season involves various trades and free agent signings. These moves are closely evaluated by professional bettors and the World Series odds could shift depending on how significant the changes are. While an NFL roster consists of 53 players, an MLB roster has only 25. Therefore, the movement of a certain player or two can be very important.


MLB Public teams draw a lot of wagers


Because of the long tradition and history of Major League Baseball, certain teams will draw more interest than others, based on their fan base. The odds of the Chicago Cubs are a little slanted each year because fans of the team are prone to making a World Series wager on the team each and every season. Even when the Cubs are considered a long-shot to win the championship, fans of the team will usually enact a pilgrimage to Las Vegas during the winter to place a wager on their beloved team that hasn’t won a World Series since 1908.


In addition to the Cubs, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are the other public teams that are commonly bet upon heavily in the off-season. However, unlike the Cubs, these teams have won championships in the last few years.




World Series Futures Bettors Must Have Patience


While sports bettors enjoy the daily action that is tied to MLB games over six months of play, they must have patience when making a wager on a World Series winner. On a typical day in the spring and summer, there are usually 15 games to bet on that deliver an immediate payoff. However, a bettor may have to wait for nearly a year to cash in on a World Series champion in late October each season betting season


With approximately one year to evaluate the futures odds, the bettor can use this to their advantage to make astute wagers over a period of time. Sportsbooks can also benefit from the amount of time that a World Series Future is open to maximize the hold percentage for the house.